MNK Centre in Bangkok

MBK Centre in Bangkok

Thailand has come to be regarded as one of the best travel destinations for families. As a result of that fact, we have a situation where many of the people planning, family holiday destinations rate Thailand as their first choice. Indeed, millions of families from all over the world head to Thailand every year. We are interested in identifying the specific factors that make Thailand perfect for families. Those include the facts that:

Thailand is a safe country

For people who are travelling with their families, especially where kids are involved, security tends to be a major consideration. Thailand is well rated, in terms of safety. To put it in simple terms, the probability of one being a victim of crime while in Thailand is very low. The probability of one’s kids being harmed while on a trip to Thailand is also very low.

To be sure, Thailand has been in the news in the recent past, on account of political intrigues going on there. What we have not had, however, are reports about tourists being harmed. Thailand goes to great lengths to secure its tourists: this being a country whose economy depends a great deal on tourism. You can therefore be assured of a near-perfect degree of security while in Thailand, and this is one of the reasons behind the attractiveness of Thailand as a family destination.

See the FAQ page for more notes on the current political situation as well as links to national travel advisories such as the UK one.

Thailand has a well developed hospitality industry

People who are traveling with their families want to be assured that they will have access to comfortable accommodation and other necessary facilities. It takes a country with a very highly developed hospitality industry to guarantee access to such facilities. Thailand fits that bill perfectly: with its world class hotels and other related facilities. So well developed is the hospitality industry in Thailand that the probability of a family traveling there missing comfortable accommodation is very low. Other things like nice places to eat out and tour guides to take the family around are also easily accessible.

Thailand has a huge variety of tourist attractions

This means that a family tour to Thailand is bound to be fun-filled. This also means that a person traveling with kids to Thailand is assured that the kids won’t get bored, as there is so much variety. It helps too that with its pristine beaches, Thailand is a very beautiful place and as a result of that fact, a Thai vacation is likely to be a memorable one for the family.

Getting around Thailand is easy

Thailand has invested heavily in transport infrastructure, and getting around the country is easy. For people traveling with their families, especially where kids are involved, one of the less desirable things would be a situation where they get stuck on the road.

Read more about getting around Thailand.

Thailand is an affordable destination

The affordability of Thailand as a travel destination means that, in the final analysis, one gets great value for money. With so many airlines going to Thailand, flying there is not an expensive affair. With so many hotels competing for clients in Thailand, staying there is not expensive either. Yet for its relatively low cost, Thailand has more to offer than other much costlier destinations.

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