kids in thailand

Thailand is a great place to go with your young family. However, there are certain things that you need to pack when going for a holiday to Thailand with kids. Failure to pack these things could lead to major inconveniences. Trust me, the last thing you want to be – on any holiday with kids – is unprepared. Without further ado, we will proceed to look at the essential things which you should pack when going for a holiday to Thailand with kids and they include:

A stroller to move the kids around

Without the help of a stroller, moving the kids around can be a major inconvenience and, as we said, the last thing you need in a holiday is inconvenience. Then again, if you are trying to avoid inconvenience, you need to go a step further and ensure that you have the right type of stroller. At the very least, that has to be a lightweight stroller. What you are looking for here is a stroller that can serve you well when visiting Thailand’s tourist attractions or when out shopping in the malls. A lightweight umbrella stroller works perfectly when visiting the tourist attraction sites and when shopping in the malls which is precisely what you need.

I’ve found if you’re using suitcases with wheels on them, then some sort of luggage strap or octopus strap to hold a folded up umbrella stroller to your case works well.

Enough clothes for the kids

You shouldn’t have to worry about the laundry on your holiday, especially if is a short holiday, as that takes the fun out of it. The only way to be sure that you won’t have such worries is by carrying enough clothes for the kids. Your allocation should be two sets of clothes for each day in the holiday. While at it, you need to ensure that you have the right clothes for the sorts of activities you will be taking part in throughout your Thailand tour.

Your kids’ favourite toys (the small ones)

These can give the kids a sense of comfort, and a sense of being at home wherever you go in the course of your Thailand tour. Don’t carry too many of these though, otherwise the kids will be distracted and not get to enjoy the holiday experiences. Also, ensure that you don’t carry the bulkier toys, as that will cause you lots of inconvenience.

A camera for capturing memorable moments

This is an obvious item, but one that you can quite easily forget in your hurry to pack things. You need a camera in order to be able to capture scenes if nothing else, for the benefit of the kids when they grow. A high quality camera that is small in size and light in weight is recommended here. A specialized camera often turns out to be better than the one in a phone.

Baby feeding utensils

Here, (and depending on the age of the kids, of course) we are looking at things like a baby’s spoon, a baby’s fork, baby’s cup and so on. If you don’t carry these things along, you may find yourself having to run around shopping for them in Thailand. This sort of a hassle would definitely inconvenience you, and take some fun out of your holiday.

Any medications

Take any necessary medications with you, although it is easy to find most things in Thailand. Check out any health advisories before you go.

With a bit of preparation, a family holiday in Thailand can be very successful. Enjoy your trip!