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Hi, my name is Brian and I’m a Thailand addict. Having been to Thailand many times, before having a family and after, I regularly get asked for advice and assistance in planning trips there. Especially from people with young families, as most of the information available isn’t aimed or does not apply to them.

That’s why I started ThailandFamilyHolidays.com, as a way to help people who need some assistance when planning a holiday in Thailand. I offer a service to help anyone – but especially families – plan their trip to Thailand. With an initial consultation free, and for a small hourly fee I can do research, provide advice, help with booking, and assist in creating a trip itinerary that is aimed at keeping all the members, big or small, of your travel party safe and happy. If you’re interested, or just have any questions, then please use the Contact page to send us a message.

Also, I plan on posting regular articles to help answer the most common questions that get put to me, both through the side, and in person! So if you have something you’d like to know or read about then please let me know.

Brian, Sarah and Lily


About me

I first visited Thailand on a gap year during my university studies over ten years ago and I’ve tried to come back as often as I can. I even had my honeymoon there, with my gorgeous wife Amanda, making her fall in love with Thailand just as much as I did.

Now we’re older with two beautiful daughters, Sarah and Lily, and we love nothing more than going to Thailand every year as a family. It’s a great chance to enjoy some tropical warmth while our home in Coventry, England, is shrouded in winter clouds. From the beaches in the south, to Bangkok, to more laid back towns in the north there’s nowhere else we love as much.

Given we go to Thailand so often I get regularly asked by people I know for tips, information, and advice. Especially from people travelling with young families like we do. That’s why I started ThailandFamilyHolidays.com, to make it easier to share all of the information and useful tips I’ve picked up over the last 10 years of travelling to Thailand, and to help you plan your ideal vacation.

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